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Brave New World pt3

April 20, 2010 by mrkp · 3 Comments · Transformational learning., Uncategorized

It’s rather odd to be sitting here on the train to London finally having a moment to take stock and reflect on what’s happened to me and my teaching in the past 18 months.

My journey has been a roller-coaster to say the least, new school 1-1 computing, new classroom and learning spaces collaborative approach, new build school complete blank canvas and 3 months to get it all organised.

This has been a fantastic ride so far, but like all the great rides it involves fear, risk and at some point saying ‘bugger it let’s do it!’. I have to be honest though that this next stage of the journey is the most daunting yet as it really means that my Headteacher and I really have to put our money where our mouths are in terms of our belief that this collaborative Ict experiential learning really does make a difference to children’s lives and futures.

There are clearly going to be huge challenges ahead, my to do list after a single day is already frighteningly long, and I’m not sure how we’re going to get everything done by September, bu one things for certain – the school will be opening in September and there will be nearly 500 children walking through the doors.

I’m just hoping that what they walk into is one of the most amazing and creative experiences that they will ever have.

To some degree my own journey and the huge amount of change that I’ve been through is in a small way reflective of the changes that they will face out there in the big wide world, so I’m confident that our vision is right.

This blog however also needs to go through a period of change too. Whilst I still intend to use it to promote excellent teaching with technology, I also intend to blog about the challenges that present themselves when setting up what must, and will be on of the first purpose built 21st Century schools in the country.

Bugger it here we go…

Coming along for the ride?

Coming along for the ride?

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  • John Cuthell

    Hi Steve,
    A useful way in may be through something like Oracle’s ThinkQuest: it’s a way of using project learning as a frame to integrate ICT, creativity and all of the other C21 skills. It sounds as if you’ve got the infrastructure that would support it: ThinkQuest is also a very useful way of bringing staff together and moving them forward. Email me if you’d like some specific information.
    I live just along the M62 in West Yorkshire if you would like me to visit for a talk.

    Best wishes,

  • mrkp

    Thanks John for the comment, I’ve not had any dealings with Think Quest before. My authority has signed up to a managed service with RM Kelidos which we’re pretty much tied to. I do agree though that project based learning is the way to go. One of the difficulties that we are going to face is just how much change can be introduced in one go. After all there’s a new build new staff, new children, new tech ….. the list goes on and on.

    I suspect that we’ll go for some sort of whole school / phase project with integrated ICT and collaboration towards the end of the first half term and take it from there.


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