Parents Evening Using Google Docs.

Arranging the timetable for parents evening can be a real hassle in terms of the communication that is involved.   Parents keep asking for times that are taken and cancelling others, often leading to a mass of notes flying backwards and forwards between teacher and parent.  

This year I decided that it would be different…

As normal I sent out the letters asking the parents to state the time that they wanted for the parents evening.  (I suppose that next year I could do this via a GDocs form, but hey ho hindsight is a wonderful thing!)   When the responses came back I set up a GDoc with a simple table in it showing the times that had been booked in the first wave.

I then sent out an email to all the children which included the document so that they could show their parents which times they had been allocated.   One point to note.   I made sure that the parents could only read the document and not contribute to it directly as I could foresee a scenario of people changing appointments etc.  

I asked them to email me if there were any problems with the times and I was quite suprised at how well this system worked as you can see below.



It turned out to be a really efficient method of communication with the parents that saved an awful lot of stress.   The parents really seemed to appreciate the simplicity too.

2 thoughts on “Parents Evening Using Google Docs.

  1. OK, so I saw your post and am about to do this and benefit from your hindsight. At our school, we assign the parents a time, then send out an email telling them when it is, asking them to confirm it.

    What would be the best way to do this using docs? Like this? Create a table with the names and times and create a form for them to fill out confirming their time with just three fields: 1. name and 2. yes/no, 3. if no request another time

    What do you think? One point I’d like a counter to is when my boss says if we let parents see the whole schedule they’ll start swapping with eachother or complaining that they didn’t get assigned a plumb time and so and so did. thanks!

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